Share the View - International Nature Photo Contest
Entry Period:
October 15, 2024 -
December 5, 2024
$1,000 Grand Prize
$3,750 in additional prizes
... and more

Truth in Captioning Guidelines

How to Caption Images for the Share the View International Nature Photography Competition

We follow a Truth in Captioning protocol for entries in the Share the View International Nature Photography Competition. Captive subjects and photo manipulated images should be marked according to the definitions below, checking the appropriate boxes on your Share the View entry form:


Abbreviated "Capt," this term applies to any living creature in a zoo, rehabilitation facility or other environment where it isn't free to come and go on its own. Game farm images are not allowed, even with a captive designation. Game farms are defined as private for-profit operations whose primary income is generated from hiring out captive animals for photography, videography or filmmaking.


Abbreviated "P.I.", this term applies if the material content of the photo is changed beyond normal processing techniques.

Entries must be designated "P.I." if elements altering the content of the scene have been removed, major processing adjustments have been made, or if multiple photographs of the same scene have been combined into one.

Changes that are not acceptable include photo composites combining images not of the same scene; the addition, duplication, or relocation of objects; removal of significant elements or the use of artistic digital filters and effects that dramatically alter the scene from its occurrence in nature.