Share the View - International Nature Photo Contest
Entry Period:
October 15, 2024 -
December 5, 2024
$1,000 Grand Prize
$3,750 in additional prizes
... and more

Contest Rules, Guidelines and Overview

Entry period: October 15, 2024 through December 5, 2024 (Dec. 5 if previously registered)

Tracy Doty photo
  1. Share the View International Photography Competition aims to increase appreciation of the natural world by highlighting images from outstanding nature and wildlife photographers.
  2. The competition is open to any photographers worldwide 18 or older who are not directly involved in judging this contest.
  3. Net proceeds from the Share the View International Photo Contest benefit three non-profit 501(c)3 beneficiaries: LightHawk, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, and African People and Wildlife.
  4. 19 Cash prizes amounting to $4,750 will be awarded.
    1 - $1000 Grand Prize Winner
    4 - $250 First Prize Winners (one in in each category)
    8 - $125 Second Prize Winners (two in in each category)
    Also 7 - $250 prizes are awarded in each of the Special Award subjects. (See Prizes page for details)
    The 20 Cash Prize winners and 230 of the highest scoring images will be displayed on the contest website during 2025. One will be featured on the home page each day, accompanied by the photographer's name, contact information, and link to contact info if desired.
  5. Submissions open October 15, 2024 at 12:00am (Mountain Standard Time) and close December 1, 2024; 10:00pm MST. However, if a photographer has created an account on the contest website before the contest closes, entries may be submitted until 10:00pm MST on December 5, 2024. Photographers who have entered any of our contests previously or already created an account do not need to register again.
  6. Images are judged anonymously by experienced judges in the field of nature and wildlife photography. Scores are based on impact, originality, and photographic skill. All decisions made by the judges and contest administrators are final.
  7. Photographers may enter as many images as they'd like at $10 per image or 6 images for $50. Images selected for the Top 250 from previous years cannot be re-entered. Complete submission guidelines for image specifications are on the Image Specs page.
  8. Photographs which have won other major photo contests, as determined by the Share the View administrators, are not eligible for submission. We define winning as having won a grand prize or 1st, 2nd, or other major prize.
  9. To insure anonymous judging, images may not contain names, watermarks, text, logos, borders, or other differentiating marks. In addition, text that might identify the photographer cannot be entered in the title, location, or description fields. And finally, we will remove all metadata during the upload process to assure anonymity.
  10. Copyright remains with the photographer. By entering, photographers agree to allow Share the View administrators to publish their images on the website, on social media, and to use them in promotions for this and future contests with appropriate credit. Unless photographers opt out on the entry form, web links and/or email addresses may appear adjacent to their images.
  11. By entering the contest, each entrant accepts the rules as stated and intended and guarantees that all information provided is correct and truthful. Entries not accurately represented or not abiding by contest rules will be disqualified or demoted. Refunds will not be given in case of disqualification.
  12. All entries should accurately reflect the subject as it was originally captured with the camera. No other elements may be added. Two types of entries are acceptable: those with only traditional modifications and "Photo Illustration."
  13. Traditional photographic modifications include moderate adjustments to color, contrast, brightness and sharpness; removal of dust and scratches; cropping and black-and-white conversions. No special designation is required for entries that use traditional processing tools to a moderate degree.
  14. Photo Illustration - Entries must be designated "Photo Illustration" if elements altering the content of the scene have been removed, major processing adjustments have been made, or if multiple photographs of the same scene have been combined into one. 14. It is in the entrant’s interest to describe what was done to warrant Photo Illustration.
  15. Changes that are not acceptable include photo composites combining images not of the same scene; the addition, duplication, or relocation of objects; removal of significant elements or the use of artistic digital filters and effects that dramatically alter the scene from its occurrence in nature. Skies and backgrounds may not be replaced.
  16. Photographs of animals in the wild are favored over those in controlled conditions. Wildlife sanctuaries, zoos and rehabilitation facilities are acceptable locations for contest images. These should be marked "Captive" on the upload form. However, game farm animals are not allowed. Game farms are defined as private for-profit operations whose primary income is generated from hiring out captive animals for photography, videography and filmmaking. Live baiting to attract or control subjects is not allowed. Entries risking injury or distress to a subject or damage to habitat are not allowed.
  17. Share the View adheres to the ethical premise from the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA): "The viewing public generally assumes that nature images are straightforward depictions of events and scenes that occurred without human interference. It is essential the photographer communicate completely and accurately the field conditions and circumstances of a nature image. There should be truthful disclosure of the conditions under which the image was captured." For clarification and further details see NANPA's Truth in Captioning statement.
  18. By submitting entries, photographers acknowledge that creation of their images did not harm the environment and animals were not harassed, distressed or injured in conjunction with the photo. They also acknowledge the material content of the image was not altered unless alterations meet the requirements for "Photo Illustration" and the appropriate box is checked on the entry form. If suspected, images not abiding by the rules of this contest will be disqualified and refunds will not be given. It is in the entrant's best interest to address ethics or processing questions that may be raised by the judges in the "Additional comments" field of the entry form.
  19. Contest organizers may ask for additional information regarding images or circumstances of creating images before finalizing any of the top 250 winners. RAW or original files, or original slides or negatives may be required for examination before finalizing the award. If requested, the source images or other information must be provided within one week of notification or the contending photo may be disqualified.
  20. Entries must be submitted in digital form on the contest website and prepared to contest specifications. The original can be created by any human-capture photographic method - camera, cellphone, tablet, film, etc. as long as files meet submission specifications. No AI generated images are accepted. Topaz programs and other processing software that only address technical adjustment issues and don't inherently change the content of the scene captured by the camera are acceptable. Guidelines for preparing and uploading files are found on the Image Specs page.
  21. All photographers will be notified with their judging results by late December or early January 2025. The top 250 images will be viewable on the contest website soon after notification.
  22. It is the entrant's responsibility to provide an accurate email address for notification. Share the View is not responsible for emails that are not received, so please be sure to set your e-mail program and spam filters to accept e-mail from ""
  23. Each image must be a photographic capture entirely by the person or persons entering it. By submitting a photograph to the Share the View Photo Contest you warrant that you are 18 or older and the copyright holder of the image, that you alone own the copyright, and that you have obtained any necessary property and model releases. If your photograph is selected as a winner of the contest, you may be asked to submit proof of the above.
  24. "Share the View" is administered by

Please refer to the FAQs page for answers to common questions not addressed in the rules.