Share the View - International Nature Photo Contest
Entry Period:
October 15, 2024 -
December 5, 2024
$1,000 Grand Prize
$3,750 in additional prizes
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Beneficiary Profile:

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Small plane over landscape

LightHawk was founded in 1979 by a bush pilot from New Mexico who believed that if others could see the degradation of the landscape that he witnessed from his cockpit, more attention would be paid to environmental protection. For over 40 years LightHawk has used the power of aviation to make an oversized impact on environmental conservation. We provide aerial perspectives of the earth's most significant environmental challenges, providing important data and inspiring perspectives that help bring about important changes on the ground. From creating marine protected areas in California to restoring endangered Mexican wolves, our flight campaigns bring about important outcomes for our environment.

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LightHawk's conservation team creates carefully arranged flight campaigns. Our passengers include conservation advocates, government officials, scientists, photographers, educators, media representatives, indigenous community leaders, and other stakeholders. Flights help to foster dialogue and build consensus, promote informed decision-making, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of conservation action.

Learn more about LightHawk's conservation work.

For 2020 Share the View: "Like the photographers who entered their work this year, we believe that changing one's view is key to changing the world. We appreciate the expertise and dedication contributed by both the photographers and the Share the View team. We are honored to be a recipient of the passion that everyone has put into making the contest a success. We know that the natural world will benefit from the positive ripple effects of this contest long after it is over. Thank you."

Share the View's donation is benefitting our conservation initiatives: Wildlife Survival, Oceans & Coastlines, Landscapes and Rivers & Estuaries.

Other Beneficiaries:

African People and Wildlife

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies