Share the View - International Nature Photo Contest
Entry Period:
October 15, 2022 -
December 5, 2022
$1,000 Grand Prize
$4,000 in additional prizes
... and more
Contest Details:

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Contest Prizes -

Lea Foster photo
Total of $5,000 in cash prizes.

Placement Prizes:

  • 1 Grand Prize of $1000
  • 4 First Prizes of $250 (one in each category)
  • 8 Second Prizes of $150 (two in each category)
  • 7 Special Awards of $250-$300 each for specific subjects

All entries fall into one of the following four categories. Select the appropriate category when submitting each photo.

  • Mammals: Includes land and sea mammals

  • Birds: All birds (sponsored by Bird Conservancy of the Rockies)

  • Scapes: Includes all scenics including landscape, seascape, and atmosphere

  • Macro and all other wildlife: Includes close-ups of any subject as well as any wildlife that's not a bird or mammal

Special Awards:

Prizes will also be awarded for the following seven subjects. Select the appropriate subject(s) when submitting photos. See the Special Awards page for details on what subject matter these encompass.

Ocean Life - $250
Sponsored by The SeaDoc Society

National Parks & Refuges - $250
Sponsored by The NANPA Foundation (North American Nature Photography Assn.)

Invertebrates - $250
Sponsored by Cloud Ridge Naturalists

Colorado Nature and Wildlife - $250
Sponsored by Colorado Life Magazine

Urban Wildlife - $250
Sponsored by Colorado Urban Wildlife Photo Club

Dusk to Dawn - $300
Sponsored by Anonymous

Polar Regions - $250
Sponsored by Cloud Ridge Naturalists

Other benefits for the top 250 images:

- Daily features on the contest home page throughout 2023
- Top prize winners featured on the winners' page throughout 2023
- Displayed in image gallery on the contest website throughout 2023
- Posting on various Share the View social media outlets throughout 2023

In addition to the Prize Winners and Top 250, the judges may also note Honorable Mentions among the special award entries within the Top 250. These are images that prompted judges to acknowledge their merit.